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Welcome to the battleground for only the those who have transcended a mortal state and become a god of wrestling. This is there Battleground, entertain away.
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 ICW NPC Staff

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ICW NPC Staff ZeusFedCard
Name: Zeus Jupiter
Job: General Manager
Personality: He is the man that runs the place while the absentee owner is going around messing with his roster in a number of ways. He is a traditionalist and commands respects whenever he is around, his voice could be said to be like thunder booming when he raises voice, his temper is hard to trigger but once triggered his vengeance will be swift as lightning. While Sammy is away (Which is often) Zeus will never be questioned who is the boss.
ICW NPC Staff Apollofedcard
Name: Apollo Helios
Job: Face Commentator (Play by Play)
Personality: A man blessed with similar traits to the god he was named after, he always looks for a beauty of a match and presenting it to the viewer the best way possible. A trait he carried over from his time in a wrestling ring. He never comments during entrances because he has an appreciation for music. Someone who is true to there soul he admires but someone true soul is pure divinity he worships.
ICW NPC Staff HadesFedCard
Name: Hades Plouton
Job: Heel Commentator (Color Commentator)
Personality "A man who admires someone who would do anything to win over there opponent", "Hades enjoys the pain others inflict on other people". This misconception those he simply enjoys the evil wrestlers bringing balance to the ring so he encourages them to keep the balance by cheering them on and not admonishing their actions. Hades is not inherently evil and is actually meek and passive most of the time so he makes a perfect partner for Apollo

Name: Brino Asclepius
Job: iCW Doctor
Personality; Her skills in medicine has earned her the name Asclepius given to her by all those who have known her healing prowess. She was asked personally by Zeus to leave her hometown and heal his roster, for the hopes that through there battle they will be recognized by the gods themselves. Brino makes this possible so her role should never be undervalued.
ICW NPC Staff ChironFedCard
Name: Chiron Cressan
Job: Talent Manager
Personality: A man who nurtures the talent on the roster, and truly cares about them. He knows he isn't perfect and some of his pupils will have to go. He is a wrestling machine a former Olympic bronze medalist and knows what it takes to succeed in the ring, and the sacrifice it takes to make it in the newest hottest promotion around ICW. He is always available to a trainer you or discuss your contract, taking "talent managing" to a whole new level.
ICW NPC Staff HermesFedCard
Name: Hermes Nubi
Job: Backstage interviewer
Personality: He is after the truth and some say he can see into your soul and has already judged if you're lying to him or not. An almost superhuman ability to get to the truth, and never overshadows the wrestler and even allows himself to be perceived in any way just for the wrestler to reveal more of themselves to him. If the worshippers of ICW get to know more about the wrestler then that's just a bonus. A dangerous entity if left uncheck luckily Zeus is in charge.
ICW NPC Staff AresFedCard
Name: Ares
Job: Damage Prevention
Personality: His job is to prevent all violence outside of the ring, so it is advised not to cross him unless you're ready to go to war. He is trained in every way to hurt a man and some known only to superior beings. No one knows where he came from or why he is in ICW, but one thing is clear. He has come to see wrestling, but he will be glad to end any war anyone might cause within the temple. The worshipers will be protected by any means necessary by the enigma known as Ares.
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