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Welcome to the battleground for only the those who have transcended a mortal state and become a god of wrestling. This is there Battleground, entertain away.
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 Welcome To ICW

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SK Sammy Krue

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PostSubject: Welcome To ICW   Welcome To ICW Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2018 2:17 pm

Welcome to Icarus Championship Wrestling, I'm your GM Sammy and I would like to take this time to welcome you. You may be asking what is ICW as a company? There is information about where we wrestle at and the staff you will interact with the appropriate place on the forum. So you know where you're at and who your working with but what do you do here?

This is a guideline for noobies to get started if I'm not around. feel free to pm me about any concern.
1. Get your bio completed, you could use my bio as a template if your new to this, the more info the better.
2. Get to know your fed mates, might be some high turnover in the beginning so don't get to attach to an idea early
3. Make sure you read the RP guide and how we want it to be done for the show
4. Make sure we have a pic for you for the show and make sure it is made.
5. Before you RP get  familiar with the temple and the people who work there.
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Welcome To ICW
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