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 Risky Biznu Bio

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Risky Biznu

Risky Biznu

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PostSubject: Risky Biznu Bio   Risky Biznu Bio Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2018 4:11 pm

Ring Name: Risky Biznu
Real Name: Augustus Holt Bexley III
TWG Class: Tech/Resist Hybrid
Alignment: Heel
Key Characteristics: Cowardly, Arrogant
Hometown: Manhattan, New York, New York
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs
Appearance: Basically a real-life Monopoly Man. Decently in shape. Not pudgy, not ripped.

Background: Born into a highly affluent family from Manhattan and descended from British royalty, Risky Biznu has all the characteristics one would expect. He's rude, arrogant, and loves flaunting his wealth, of which he has plenty. He's definitely not above buying his way to the top. In fact, he's likely to try to do just that.

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Risky Biznu Bio
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