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 Adora Punk Bio

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Adora Punk

Adora Punk

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PostSubject: Adora Punk Bio   Adora Punk Bio Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2018 11:46 pm

Adora Punk Bio Adorap10

Themesong - Spitfire By Infected Mushroom

*Start Video from the 28 Second Mark.

Alignment: Tweener

Alignment Type: Loudmouth, Charismatic, Rebel

Gimmick Overview: Adora Punk is a no nonsense girl straight from the hood of Camden, New Jersey. Adora Punk is just as quick to throw down and get into a brawl as she is to steal something, or enjoy some vandalism. Adora Punk has made a career of taking what's hers, even if she has to verbally wow you into believing what's hers is actually hers.

Wrestling Style: Adora Punk is a street fighter who has perfected the art of gang war in Professional Wrestling. She favors strikes, especially kicks as her legs allow her to keep some distance to better allow her to dodge grapples. Her pure wrestling ability is not very technically sound. You won't see Adora Punk performing Suplexes, but you will see her adapt her parkour style to bring a unique twist to things like Neckbreakers. When rules are allowed to be broken, Adora Punk is a weapons specialist and knows how to put the hurt on with anything she can get her hands on.

Role Play Color: #a300cc

Height: 5`8"

Weight: 167 lbs

Age: 28 Years Old

Hometown: Camden, New Jersey

Home Town Announced When Entering The Arena: From The 8-5-6

Backstory: Adora Punk began her professional wrestling career when she was sixteen years old. Growing up in the hood of Camden, left Adora Punk to grow up in a life full of gang warfare and other dangers that kept her from making the best decisions. She quit school finding it to be a complete waste of time, and joined the Monster Factory in Paulsboro, New Jersey where she would put her gang street fighting and Parkour styles to the test as she learned how to hone her craft as a professional wrestler back in early 2006.

By July 2007, Zarux of Kingdom D would approach Adora Punk at a live show that Monster Factory was putting on for an autograph after the show. Little did Adora Punk know, that Zarux would offer her a contract to join Kingdom D as one of the first female competitors. During her tenure in the company, Adora Punk made a name for herself as a Hardcore wrestler and managed to catch the eye of Zarux where she was his on and off girl friend between 2007 and 2010. In 2011 Adora Punk would be the second female and last female to capture the Kingdom D Legend of War Championship, and would go on to defend the title for four months before losing it to Jonathan Chapel at Kingdom D Pay-Per-View Asylum Massacre.

In 2012 Kingdom D would shut it's gates leaving Adora Punk without a job. During this time she entered the Indies and wrestled for companies like Dragon Gate, Ring of Honor, and would go to Japan to take part in NJPW for two years. During these times she would enter quite a few high profile feuds, but never managed to capture any championships outside of Kingdom D where she began her career. Her run in the Indies had her as mostly an enhancement talent used to push other rising stars.

In April, 2018. Adora Punk's life would change forever as a contract came her way for ICW... It was time to prove to the world that Adora Punk still has what it takes to kick ass! And... Maybe be a little Divine along the way!
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Adora Punk

Adora Punk

Posts : 7
Join date : 2018-04-20

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PostSubject: Re: Adora Punk Bio   Adora Punk Bio Icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2018 9:23 am

Adora Punk Move Set To Be (Working On In Game)

Opening Moves

European Uppercut
Throat Thrust
Back Hand Chop
Knee On Head
Eye Rake

Standing Moves

Arm Drag - Grounded
Standing Clothesline - Grounded
Axe Kick - Groggy - Bleed
Elbow Smash - Groggy - Bleed
Round House Kick - Groggy
Low Kick - Bentdown
Middle Kick - Bentdown

Bentdown Moves

Double Arm DDT - Grounded - Bleed
Double Underhook Suplex - Grounded
Neck Breaker - Grounded
Scissor Kick - Grounded
Side Headlock - Submission
Powerbomb To Facebuster - Grounded - Bleed
Jumping Half Nelson Facebuster - Grounded - Bleed

Groggy Moves

Air Raid Siren - Grounded - Bleed
Blackout - Grounded
Blue Thunder Pin - Grounded - Pin
Dropkick - Grounded - Bleed
Jumping Twisting DDT - Grounded - Bleed
Super Kick - Grounded
Torture Rack - Submission

Grounded Moves

Gangsta Stretch - Submission
Springboard Moonsault - Grounded
Springboard Senton Splash - Grounded
Spinning Leg Drop - Grounded
Two Handed Facebuster - Grounded - Bleed
Fist Drop - Grounded - Bleed
Knee Drop - Grounded - Bleed

You Are Running Moves

Flying Forearm Smash - Grounded - Bleed
Shining Wizard - Grounded
Flapjack - Grounded

Running Opponent Moves

High Back Body Drop - Grounded
Polish Hammer - Grounded - Bleed
Running Knee Smash - Grounded - Bleed

One Wrestler Is Running Moves

Running Dropkick - Grounded - Bleed
Spinning Wheelkick - Grounded - Bleed
Clothesline - Grounded

Both Wrestlers Are Running Moves

Dropsault - Grounded - Bleed
Lou Thesz Press Pin - Grounded - Pin
Running Tornado DDT - Grounded - Bleed
Running Neckbreaker - Grounded

Out Of The Ring Grounded Moves

Moonsault From Apron - Grounded
DDT On The Concrete - Grounded - Bleed
Headscissor On The Step Ladder - Grounded - Bleed
Running Dropkick Through Trashcan - Grounded

Out Of The Ring Standing Moves

Choke With Electric Cords - Grounded
Flying DDT From Apron To Outside The Ring - Grounded - Bleed
Leg Drop From Apron - Grounded
Twisting Sky Moonsault From Turnbuckle To Outside The Ring - Grounded

To The Ropes Grounded Moves

Baseball Slide - Grounded
Irregular Pin - Grounded - Pin
Rolling Thunder - Grounded
Springboard Leg Drop - Grounded

To The Ropes Standing Moves

Springboard Enziguiri Kick - Grounded
Eye Rake On Ropes - Bentdown
Chop At Ropes - Groggy

To The Turnbuckle Grounded Moves

Stomping At Turnbuckle - Grounded
Rolling Wheel Kick - Grounded
Summersault Kick - Grounded

To The Turnbuckle Standing Moves

10 Punches At Turnbuckle - Groggy - Bleed
Forearm Smash At Turnbuckle - Groggy - Bleed
Tornado DDT - Grounded - Bleed
Springboard Dropkick - Grounded - Bleed

Stunned Moves

Moonsault - Grounded
Diamond Dust - Grounded - Bleed
Double Knee Drop From Turnbuckle - Grounded - Bleed
Missile Dropkick - Grounded
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Adora Punk Bio
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