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 Sammy Krue

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SK Sammy Krue

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PostSubject: Sammy Krue   Sammy Krue Icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2018 1:39 pm

Wrestling Name: Sammy Krue
Monikers: "Submission Killa"
Class: Technique
Alignment: Face
Alignment Type: Humble Trickster, Disguiser
Date of Birth: July 13th
Hometown: Several Residences in the United States(Mostly One Room Apartments)
Gender: Alpha Male
Height: 6 Feet and 0 Inches...Convert that for me
Weight: 200 Pounds
Complexion: (I stole this whole section from Kyra Profile Lol) I dont have one
Eyes: black
Hair: Brown, or black, gray

Personality; Even though owning the company his still an active wrestler for the federation. He is a disguiser and use to work many jobs in the past before he bought out ICW after the second closing of Kingdom D. He takes a backseat role to zeus and rarely uses his power except for exceptional circumstances. You never know where Sammy may be and you just might face him if you're not careful.
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Sammy Krue
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