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 Kyra's Building Blocks - A Guide To Feud Planning

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Kyra's Building Blocks - A Guide To Feud Planning Empty
PostSubject: Kyra's Building Blocks - A Guide To Feud Planning   Kyra's Building Blocks - A Guide To Feud Planning Icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2018 2:02 pm

Hey ICW,

A brilliant storyline guide written by Kingdom D's former GM

I just wanted to take a moment to lay out a guide for those who are new to federations or setting up feuds in general. Now before I go into this I want it to be known that this is not law and this is not set in stone. No one has to follow this guide or use it's format, but you may find that a feud can be more fun if you plot ahead and not on the fly.

What is a Feud? - A feud is the story that is being told between two or more wrestlers. Whether it's personal or involving a championship, every wrestling match should have a deeper connection to the story to help drive them and to hype / promote the match. It's the storylines that make wrestling interesting after all!

How do I set up a Feud? - The best method for setting up a feud is to find someone that you want to feud with. Think about your wrestler(s) motives and what drives them. Their personality and quirks. And look through the bio's of everyone on the forum until you see one and go "Hey, this could make for a great story!" Or someone that would be fun to interact with! Send him / her a Private Message and work with that person going back and fourth sharing ideas to see what they like and compare it to what you like and try to build a story out of it.

I found someone to Feud with and shared ideas, now what? - Now you do what myself and others consider the "Five Week Plan". This is where you break down the ideas for the feud and story and spread it out over five weeks. This is where you figure out things like "Contract Signing" "Ambushing" "Calling Out" "Talk Shows" "Scouting As A Guest Commentator" etc.
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Kyra's Building Blocks - A Guide To Feud Planning
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